About us

A French photographer has quoted photography is an affair of the heart. A photographer captures a photo not with his eyes but with his heart. The most important element of a photograph is its ability to evoke an emotion in the viewer. A good photograph can put you at a particular moment in time or will convey a story. There is more to photography than just clicking random pictures in an expensive camera. We tend to capture the vivid emotions present during a celebration. Over the last 30 years, we have devoted all our time and energy to enhancing our photography skillset. With the passing of years, we have never stopped at aiming for perfection.

Now we have grown into one of the best wedding photographers in Mumbai due to our consistency and creativity. Creativity plays a crucial role in photography. Every snapshot a person takes a day in and day out cannot be considered as creative. Creativity is shown when you photograph something or someone in a way most people would not have normally seen. Here at Shreejee Photography creativity is at its endlessness. Professionalism makes our job easy. And we are proud to say we have set the bar up rather high.